Students are talented. They can paint, write, code, compose and build websites.

The student shop is where you can buy things from students to help them fund their own education.

Maybe you need paintings for your office, licenced music for your shop, a storyboard, a wed- ding videographer or in depth research for a presentation.

Students are fast. They need money and when it comes to the digital age, they are way ahead of the game.

Students – that’s right, that’s you.

What can you sell (legally) to help fund your education?

You can dog walk, work in a bar, build websites, create storyboards, teach kids, work as a guide, a driv- er…the list is endless.

Advertise what you have to offer at the student shop…etc


Everybody has items they don’t need which someone else might love.

Find a loving home for your once loved items by matching up and making the switch.