The aim of this site is to get you sponsorship so you don’t end up in debt and paying interest on a loan.

All you need to do is upload a video explaining who you are, area of study, place of study and a little about your ambitions. These don’t have to be subject relevant, although if you’re study- ing physics and say your long-term plan is to open a beach bar in Baja, a sponsor may struggle to see why sponsorship for a course you are never going to use would help the UK economy.

Be honest. Be succinct. Keep it simple.


What do I do?
Sign up. Upload your pitch. Spread the word.
Does it cost to join?
No. You don’t have any money.
Where will my video appear?
The link can be via YouTube/Vimeo and can be a private link so only those who have signed up to SMS can view it.
What if I’m not very good on video?
Who told you that? You’re as good as you think you are, so start thinking you’re great and others will too.
I meant I can’t operate a camera.
This is the digital age. Find someone who can. Most cameras and phones can record video content.
What if I can’t get any sponsorship?
Think positive. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
What if I can’t think positive?
Practice. In addition to the sponsorship element there will be a spin- off site which works like a crowdfund lottery with smaller donations.
If I get sponsorship, can I donate to the student lottery?
That’s the spirit. This is a Social Business; everybody helps everybody else, be that with sponsorship, vacation work or whatever. Individuals make a difference. The crowd can achieve anything.